Welcome to Chart Fishery


We ask that anglers adhere to the current SOCIAL DISTANCE guidelines. We are operating as before taking CASH only, but please bring the correct money #STAYALERT

DO NOT gather in groups more than 6 individuals when at Chart Fishery. (This applies especially to Match anglers when paying their subs/dues and doing the draw and weigh in at the end of the match). 

There is alcohol hand sanitiser in the toilets. Please use it for your own safety!

Anyone (or their children) “bushwacking“(scooping) fish in the margins with the landing nets will be banned immediately. Same applies to anyone allowing kids to pick apples & throwing them (apples) at the fish or just picking them & dumping them on the floor
this venue is not a playground & the fish are not toys. Please treat this venue & fish with respect. Thank you!



Chart fishery is a family owned fishing venue in heart of the Kent countryside.

It consists of two lakes, a 1 1/3 acres specimen lake and a 5 1/4 acre coarse lake. Both lakes are fishable on a day ticket basis.

The course lake is very highly stocked with carp to mid 20d, it also contains roach & rudd to 2lb, crusians to 3lb, tench to 4lb, chub to 6lb and a couple of surprises.

The specimen lake holds somewhere between 30 – 40 carp up to 37lb and again, a couple of surprises


Drone Footage of the Main Lake and The Specimen Lake